Thursday, February 25, 2010

salam semua
wah awal jugak bukak blog ari ni kan
blogwalking sekejap sebelum teruskan agenda hari ni
tengok lak ada blog anjurkan
peluang nak dpt RM 100
banyak tu
sapa nak bagi free2 mcm tu kan
pe lagi jom follow blog ni
senang sajer just be first 200 follower

kat bawah ni aku copy dr blog


How to win RM100?

KambingBujang has decided to give away RM 100 cash. now is at the stage of expanding, everyday the blog is getting new unique visitors and hits. We want to say a thank you for supporting us and our devoted work, without a helping hand from all of you, this parenthood blog will not be here as at today. From a normal reader to a normal subscriber, to a loyal reader and to a loyal follower, we highly appreciate this mark of confidence.

For a present to the lucky one, mummy Amirul with a big heart, will give a cash to one of the our followers.

Just be the first 200 followers of KambingBujang (Google Friend Connect) and we will pick one using vote system.

jom follow kambingbujang...

moga-moga ada rezeki aku...

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